Trillium Health Partners & Cardiac Device Clinic – Mississauga Hospital Site


The Cardiac Device Clinic and the Urgent Arrhythmia Clinic are located in Cardiac Diagnostic Services (CDS) on the ground floor at Trillium Health Partners, Mississauga Hospital Site.


Internal Directions


From the East Entrance (Parking Garage side) walk past Tim Horton’s until you reach the hallway between Hasty Market and the Pharmacy, turning left. Follow this until a T-junction, then turn right and cross the breezeway – CDS is on the right just beyond the breezeway, across from Elevator C.


From the North Entrance (TTC and Emergency Department), walk past Tim Horton’s, Druxy’s and the Fracture Clinic until the first hallway on your right, marked by a circular column. Follow this right-hand hall until your first left and follow this long hallway all the way to the elevator C junction, across From CDS.



Electrophysiology Lab Directions

Use the A or B elevator on the Ground Floor to reach Level 2.

Follow the long hallway east until you see the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory doors down a short hall to your left.

If you, instead, walk to a large waiting area full of benches, turn around and go the opposite way.

If you pass the Operating Suite doors and reach elevator D, you’ve gone too far.

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