Dr. Michael Platonov Explains Catheter Ablation

Catheter-based Ablation is a procedure performed by Dr. Michael Platonov at the Trillium Health Centre to treat heart rhythm disorders. The Ablation is performed once the Electrophysiology Study has found the diagnosis of the heart rhythm condition.

Catheter AblationDr. Michael Platonov MD FRCP(C) Dip. ABIM

Catheter Ablation and Cryoblation: Explained

Ablation involves the application of radiofrequency or heating energy through a catheter, which works to cure the heart rhythm problem by locally heating the tissue to abolish abnormal signals. Each application is brief; lasting as little as 45 seconds. The procedure is either painless or may feel like a light pressure to the chest.

In some cases, instead of radiofrequency energy, liquid cooling is used to abolish abnormal signals in a procedure called Cryoablation. While a catheter can be used, a balloon-tipped catheter with self-contained nitric oxide is more commonly used. Cryoablation is typically reserved for the ablation of Atrial Fibrillation. It is a painless procedure, with applications typically lasting 3-4 minutes.

Oftentimes, ablation can proceed immediately after the diagnosis is determined.

Why Choose Ablation with Dr. Michael Platonov?

While traditional Cardiology treatments may improve the patient’s condition, they don’t actually cure anything – and patients will need to depend on medication for the rest of their lives. There will also still be a risk for recurrent heart attack.

With the revolutionary ablation techniques, many patients feel relief not only due to their heart rhythm problem being cured, but because they no longer require medication or the side-effects that come with taking them.

After just one follow-up visit with Dr. Michael Platonov, patients can carry on with their lives and not have to keep up with years of inconvenient repeat appointments and prescription refills. Ablation is certainly a life-changing procedure for many with abnormal heart rhythm conditions.

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