Dr. Platonov: Complex 3D Cardiac Mapping

Three-dimensional mapping of the heart is performed by Dr. Michael Platonov at the Trillium Health Centre so that a high fidelity, high precision study and diagnosis of the cardiac anatomy, tissue health and activation pathways can be made for the patient. This is essential for the treatment of more complex arrhythmias, such as atrial fibrillation (AF or A-fib), that cannot be depicted on standard multi-channel recording systems.

3D MappingDr. Michael Platonov MD FRCP(C) Dip. ABIM

Three-Dimensional Mapping of the Heart: Explained

3D cardiac mapping utilizes magnetic or impedance field technology to provide a very precise digital model of the heart and catheters on a specialized computer system. This allows Dr. Platonov to perform more accurate heart rhythm disorder procedures, such as catheter ablation and cryotherapy.

During this minimally invasive procedure, a thin catheter sheath is first inserted into a small incision made in the upper thigh or arm. This is guided carefully and with precision through the blood vessels in order to access the inside of the heart. An even thinner and very flexible electrically sensitive catheter is then inserted into the sheath and into the heart. This specialized catheter is able to map the electrical activity occurring in the chambers of the heart and uses tens of thousands of individual data points in order to deliver these comprehensive images.

Dr. Platonov may perform 3D mapping and ablation in the same appointment, which is very convenient for the patient.

Why Choose 3D Mapping with Dr. Michael Platonov?

3D mapping is a critical form of cardiac study and diagnosis for patients with less common heart rhythm abnormalities.

The procedure provides very detailed depictions of the heart anatomy and condition, as well as location of the catheter. This allows our Dr. Platonov to identify the exact areas of the heart experiencing irregular rhythm, and allows him to safely and accurately apply appropriate amounts of pressure to the tissues. This aids in effectively treating the arrhythmia while ensuring the protection of vital surrounding structures.

With 3D mapping, patients can also benefit from shorter X-ray and procedure times, as well as an eliminated need for additional imaging. Dr. Platonov will ensure that you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible during your procedure.

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